Monday, 28 April 2008

Portugal April 08

Yes its Potrugal , the home of Port and , er ....  ummm ....... well its Portugal  !   that was the destination last Thursday night .   It was me,  Roni Size , Andy C and GQ , first problem , unfortunatly due to circumstances that could not be avoided , Roni missed the plane !   hence the empty seat pic !                                                              

So it was down to Me , Andy and GQ to hold the fort , now the weird thing about the Portugese is , (well its not too weird ) but they like to party late !!!   forget being on the dance floor for midnight , o no , they dont even get going till about 4am !!  so this can be a little tiring , as i got to the club about 2:45 , i sat and waited for Andy back stage , trying not to drink too much vodka before my show .. i have a moto " I'll finish Drunk but i'll never start Drunk !! "  its a good moto and is shared by doctors and bus drivers the world over !   Anyway Andy C & GQ arrive , we all go on and roll out from 4 till 7 am !!  party was nice , really cool venue , an old theatre which used to show porn movies in the 70's !?!   that would explain the sticky floor ... bad joke . sorry !    

This weekend starts on weds , with more mayhem in Germany , London , Notts , Manchester , Derby,  Brighton  and Warwick . not sure which one i'll cover for this weeks bolg !?  whichevers the livest i guess !   alright thats enough from me . Peace to all  .... 

Dynamite Mc 

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Jersey !?!?

Yes Drum and bass reached that little island half way between England and France people aren't really that sure about , other than a distant memory of Bergerac on some sort of yacht  , Well the official verdict is ......  Jersey is kinda cool !  it has beaches , always a plus , it has a type of palm tree ( starting to feel tropical) and it has thin roads , not really a plus but Roni likened it to "Fern Gully"
 in Jamaica , i've yet to travel to Jamdown so i cant say , but it seemed like it could work ..........   can u tell what i'm thinkin !!?  yep .....  half Jersey/half Jamaica ..... yep ... its "Jermaica !!"   it hurts being this close genius i know ... 

Anyway , it was I and Roni Size for this one , big shout to Marcus , very cool promoter , took us for good food and made sure we were looked after very well , hotel was nice too ,  right on the beach , not that i had time to really check it out,  i arrived at 8 pm and left at 9 am ! but this is what its like , its work not a holiday .

So the big question does "Jermaica " love jungle !?    yes they do !!  we took to the dex around 12:30 am and it was a go all the way till 2 , 90 mins really wasn't enough , we st
retched it till about 2:15 but all the clubs in Jerm close at 2 am !?  they need to work on that !  so yeh  , a good night , lotta girls in the front row , which is always nice , not trying to come across all sleazy but a wall of "Man dancing B.O. brigade" is not my thing !  

So i'm thinking this is what a blog is supposed to be , if u think i've left anything out , or need to go into more detail on certain things , lemmie know and maybe i'll listen !  ;)  


One last thing , i took a cool pic of a gorilla , No,  they're not roaming the streets of Jermaica , altho it would make it more interesting , but they have one at the local zoo , which i didnt visit , but did pick up a brouche in the hotel ... 

ok gotta go , i'm off to Portugal tonight its Me and Roni and Andy C and GQ , expect to hear about it , and see pics here first !!  spread the news ....

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Dynamite Mc 

Thursday, 17 April 2008

New Video !!!!

Greetings !!

A new site , a new blog , a new video , a new album , a new set of chest implants !!!! ( joking about the last one ) but yes i'm back !! i'll be honest i've been a bit of a b.l.o.g hater or : Boring Look at Ongoing Gossip ! : as i named it , but if u cant beat em join em i think is the moto , so i'm in and the good news is , i come bearing gifts !! , the World Premiere of my new Video " What !!! " the first single from my brand new album Styles Galore to be released later in the year .

The video features cameos from Ty , Killa Kella , J.D aka Dready , J2K , Manny Norte , Dj Swerve , DjZinc , Eksman , Justyce , Mc Rage , Melvin , Mc Fun , Harry Shotta , Onalee and the Peridot Dancers .

So what are u waiting for .............. Check it out !!

I'll be back soon with info on how u can get the track for free !! yep i said free !!!! o the generosity !

Bless and enjoy

Dynamite Mc