Thursday, 24 April 2008

Jersey !?!?

Yes Drum and bass reached that little island half way between England and France people aren't really that sure about , other than a distant memory of Bergerac on some sort of yacht  , Well the official verdict is ......  Jersey is kinda cool !  it has beaches , always a plus , it has a type of palm tree ( starting to feel tropical) and it has thin roads , not really a plus but Roni likened it to "Fern Gully"
 in Jamaica , i've yet to travel to Jamdown so i cant say , but it seemed like it could work ..........   can u tell what i'm thinkin !!?  yep .....  half Jersey/half Jamaica ..... yep ... its "Jermaica !!"   it hurts being this close genius i know ... 

Anyway , it was I and Roni Size for this one , big shout to Marcus , very cool promoter , took us for good food and made sure we were looked after very well , hotel was nice too ,  right on the beach , not that i had time to really check it out,  i arrived at 8 pm and left at 9 am ! but this is what its like , its work not a holiday .

So the big question does "Jermaica " love jungle !?    yes they do !!  we took to the dex around 12:30 am and it was a go all the way till 2 , 90 mins really wasn't enough , we st
retched it till about 2:15 but all the clubs in Jerm close at 2 am !?  they need to work on that !  so yeh  , a good night , lotta girls in the front row , which is always nice , not trying to come across all sleazy but a wall of "Man dancing B.O. brigade" is not my thing !  

So i'm thinking this is what a blog is supposed to be , if u think i've left anything out , or need to go into more detail on certain things , lemmie know and maybe i'll listen !  ;)  


One last thing , i took a cool pic of a gorilla , No,  they're not roaming the streets of Jermaica , altho it would make it more interesting , but they have one at the local zoo , which i didnt visit , but did pick up a brouche in the hotel ... 

ok gotta go , i'm off to Portugal tonight its Me and Roni and Andy C and GQ , expect to hear about it , and see pics here first !!  spread the news ....

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Rimbawan Gerilya - 2010 said...

Fact that you took that gorilla pic is kinda too good to be true ;)