Thursday, 17 April 2008

New Video !!!!

Greetings !!

A new site , a new blog , a new video , a new album , a new set of chest implants !!!! ( joking about the last one ) but yes i'm back !! i'll be honest i've been a bit of a b.l.o.g hater or : Boring Look at Ongoing Gossip ! : as i named it , but if u cant beat em join em i think is the moto , so i'm in and the good news is , i come bearing gifts !! , the World Premiere of my new Video " What !!! " the first single from my brand new album Styles Galore to be released later in the year .

The video features cameos from Ty , Killa Kella , J.D aka Dready , J2K , Manny Norte , Dj Swerve , DjZinc , Eksman , Justyce , Mc Rage , Melvin , Mc Fun , Harry Shotta , Onalee and the Peridot Dancers .

So what are u waiting for .............. Check it out !!

I'll be back soon with info on how u can get the track for free !! yep i said free !!!! o the generosity !

Bless and enjoy

Dynamite Mc


djrhythmo said...

cheers dinamitaa !!!

kate said...

i have a sneaking suspicion you've given up on sleep.....otherwise i find it highly unbelievable that you have the time to add "blogger" to your long list of comittments! haha!!

arsenewenger said...

feeling this video! About time you dropped some new tunes on us - when is the album coming!!!

Mana said...

Busy boy! How I love that red on ya'
I'm gona' show the peeps in Brooklyn this.

Justice said...

Good video, brillian track

ThaĆ­sfromBrazil said...
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