Monday, 28 April 2008

Portugal April 08

Yes its Potrugal , the home of Port and , er ....  ummm ....... well its Portugal  !   that was the destination last Thursday night .   It was me,  Roni Size , Andy C and GQ , first problem , unfortunatly due to circumstances that could not be avoided , Roni missed the plane !   hence the empty seat pic !                                                              

So it was down to Me , Andy and GQ to hold the fort , now the weird thing about the Portugese is , (well its not too weird ) but they like to party late !!!   forget being on the dance floor for midnight , o no , they dont even get going till about 4am !!  so this can be a little tiring , as i got to the club about 2:45 , i sat and waited for Andy back stage , trying not to drink too much vodka before my show .. i have a moto " I'll finish Drunk but i'll never start Drunk !! "  its a good moto and is shared by doctors and bus drivers the world over !   Anyway Andy C & GQ arrive , we all go on and roll out from 4 till 7 am !!  party was nice , really cool venue , an old theatre which used to show porn movies in the 70's !?!   that would explain the sticky floor ... bad joke . sorry !    

This weekend starts on weds , with more mayhem in Germany , London , Notts , Manchester , Derby,  Brighton  and Warwick . not sure which one i'll cover for this weeks bolg !?  whichevers the livest i guess !   alright thats enough from me . Peace to all  .... 

Dynamite Mc 

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